Welcome to Greystones Bowling Club

Welcome to the Greystones Lawn Bowling Club web site. In this web site we hope to

  • 1.Act as a forum to keep our members up to date on matters of interest to them.

  • 2.Provide an introduction to the game of lawn bowling to those not familiar with the game.

  • 3.Inform those who are interested as to how they can apply to join the club and the cost of same.

We hope that you find this site informative and useful.

Special introductory membership fee of 100 euro for new bowlers in their first year.

Bowlers visiting the Greystones area are welcome to join us for a roll-up. The green fee is 5 euro per session

Dates for Your Diary

Rollup each Wednesday and Friday at 11:00, those wishing to take part please show up at 10:45

The Men's Division 3 and 4 teams play at home on Saturday 14:30 and Monday 18:00 respectively

The Ladies Division 2 and Saturday League team play at home on Wednesday at 14:30  and Saturday at 11:00 respectively

You are welcome to come watch any of these games but please respect the game inplay and do your best to not disturb the play.


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